Tom Thum

What up. Welcome to my website – A place where you can find out all about me and my world of weird noisemaking AKA Beatboxing. 

As a musician, I’ve been able to take my obscure knack of warping, mimicking, and creating sounds to some pretty unusual places around the world, and have been lucky enough to be able to team up with exceptional individuals and groups who have been crazy enough to let me near a microphone. 

For me, it’s about showing others that when it comes to the human voice, nothing is impossible. This type of music creation can take you places that you never imagined, and with the experiences I’ve had, I can honestly say that there is no where that I’ve been that hasn’t understood the language of music.  

That’s why, as part of my fancy new website, I’m proud to include this innovative Beatboxing Masterclass. Designed for all levels of expertise, it’s a chance for you, your Mum, Dad or ANYONE WITH A FACE to delve into my world of weird and wonderful noise making.  

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