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Learn to beatbox with Tom Thum

Are you ready to unleash your inner sound system? Master the art of beatboxing with Basics to basses. This online course is the perfect opportunity to learn how to beatbox from one of the world’s most renowned noisemakers Tom Thum. 

No experience or batteries required. With this 10 part course you’ll be guided through the fundamental techniques of beatboxing, including: vocal percussion, breath control, drum patterns, and vocal instruments. Plus, we’ll dive into advanced skills like vocal scratching, basses, odd time signatures and microphone tricks and techniques.

Basics to Basses is accessible online from anywhere in the world so you can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. Kickstart your beatboxing journey and sign up today! 

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What up. Welcome to my website – A place where you can find out all about me and my world of weird noisemaking AKA Beatboxing. 

As a musician, I’ve been able to take my obscure knack of warping, mimicking, and creating sounds to some pretty unusual places around the world, and have been lucky enough to be able to team up with exceptional individuals and groups who have been crazy enough to let me near a microphone. 

For me, it’s about showing others that when it comes to the human voice, nothing is impossible. This type of music creation can take you places that you never imagined, and with the experiences I’ve had, I can honestly say that there is no where that I’ve been that hasn’t understood the language of music.  

That’s why, as part of my fancy new website, I’m proud to include this innovative Beatboxing Masterclass. Designed for all levels of expertise, it’s a chance for you, your Mum, Dad or ANYONE WITH A FACE to delve into my world of weird and wonderful noise making.  

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None! Or Heaps! It doesn’t matter. The course is designed to suit ANY level of experience.

Me, Tom Thum! I’ll be your teacher, Headmaster and Spirit guide through the whole course.

You get access to the entire Basics to Basses course which will teach you many of the beatbox techniques Tom has learned and developed over the last two decades, from the basics to the basses and everything in between. Check out the course content here.

However long you want it to take. You can go back and forth between modules, practice certain sounds and skills until you feel comfortable to move on. There is no pressure to rush, just take it at your own pace.

I mean, no one knows. But I can promise that this course will give you the skills to develop your career. You’ll learn so many techniques that will leave people pretty gobsmacked.

You can start right now (or whenever you are ready)! Once you’ve subscribed to the Masterclass, there is not much else you’ll need to prepare:  just a computer or viewing device, a comfy place to watch and people around you that are prepared to hear you practice…

No problem. If you decide you don’t want the beatbox course, and you start it, just drop us an email and we’d be happy to provide a refund.

We offer the first two lessons FOR FREE if you sign up to my newsletter. Sign up here:

This Masterclass really has no age limits (but I would advise that babies that cannot say their own name may not be suited to the course). Some of the more technical lessons may be a little too complex for kids under 8Yrs, but if you’ve got a keen little muso hounding you to sign up for the Masterclass, I suggest having someone older take the more complex lessons with them – I promise it’ll be fun for everyone!   

Over the many, many hours I’ve spent developing this course, I have bribed countless willing (sometimes unwilling) guinea pigs to test the lessons on. I can promise that some of these test subjects have never even managed the skill of holding a cow-bell BUT everyone that took part in testing out one or more of the modules came out the other side with a new skill. And I’m serious about some of my test subjects being musically challenged!